Back On Our Feet: Help the Ali Forney Center

We’ve heard the statistics before: LGBT kids represent as much as 40% of the homeless youth. Often they run away from home because of family rejection and then face rampant discrimination when seeking alternative housing. LGBT homeless youth suffer higher rates of abuse and victimization, and engage in risky behavior at alarming rates – often for survival.

Following Hurricane Sandy, the Ali Forney drop-in center in Chelsea was destroyed by flood waters from the Hudson River. They lost everything, from computers and office equipment to their refrigerator and food. They also lost their physical space.

Many suffered loss as a result of the hurricane. This is not a matter of losing one space, however; this loss impacts a varying number of people who desperately need the services AFC provides. The loss affects homeless youth immediately, but also impacts those who may need its services in the future.

On December 1, 2012, I will be running around the perimeter of Manhattan – approximately 32 miles (just over 50k) – to raise money and awareness for the Ali Forney Center and LGBT homeless youth. Find out how you can help on the Original Plumbing blog!

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